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I believe in treating the whole body rather than treating an injury or medical issue in isolation. That’s why I offer an extensive range of services to help improve movement and function. Read on to find out more. Please review the Policies for full travel pricing.


Relaxation Massage

60 minutes: $80, 90 minutes: $120  120 minutes: $160

This massage is centered around Swedish techniques and incorporates flowing strokes that relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and range of motion while leaving the body with a renewed sense of calm.

60 minutes: $80,  90 minutes: $120,  120 minutes: $160

Our most popular option. This massage uses Swedish, Trigger Point, and Myofascial strokes to release tension and adhesions while bringing about deep relaxation and improved physical awareness. The most effective techniques are determined by the therapist as the tissues are assessed.

Customized Massage

60 minutes: $80,  90 minutes: $120  120 minutes: $160

As a full-body treatment by itself, or incorporated into relaxation or deep tissue massage. This treatment provides static pressure release of taut points in muscle tissue that may be causing restriction and local as well as referral pain.

Trigger Point Therapy

60 minutes: $100,  90 minutes: $150,  

Deeper pressure is used during this full-body experience. The deeper strokes are used to ease muscle tension and tautness caused by exercise and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes: $90, 90 minutes: $130,  120 minutes: $170

Hot stones are used to ease muscle tension and assist with deep relaxation, increased circulation, and blood flow throughout the body.

Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes: $160, 90 minutes: $240 

A Swedish relaxation massage for two! Please request this service at least one week in advance. If you are able, please check with your rental to determine if there is enough room for two massage tables!

Couples Massage

60 minutes: $90,  30 minutes add on service: $45

A vacuum is created with a special cup and pump (no flame is used). The cups are moved over the skin to loosen adhesions in connective tissue and increase circulation, and may also release toxins and promote healing.

Cupping Massage

60 minutes: $90

Attention to pressure points in the feet that may relieve issues throughout the body.

Reflexology Techniques

60 minutes: $90

Relaxation massage to help expectant moms with muscle tension, fatigue, and postural strain during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Additional cushions and specific positioning will be used for support and comfort.

Prenatal Massage

Minimum $200 depending on location. Email for a quote.

Massage for the multitudes! Fully-clothed massage, in a special massage chair. Great for corporate events, parties, festivals and other special events! 

Chair Massage


Putting You First


We strive to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. To ensure the best possible experience, please follow the guidelines set forth below.

  • Your privacy is important to us. We have disrobing and draping practices that will ensure that nothing will be blowing in the wind. As always, we will work with whatever level of undress you are most comfortable with.

  • Please advise your therapist of any medical conditions or allergies that need to be considered for the massage. Examples of such issues would include but are not limited to nut allergies, varicose veins, a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, blood clotting conditions, open wounds, recent injuries or surgeries. Hopefully, you are not allergic to relaxation!

  • All massage times include consultation and time for disrobing and dressing. This generally means that ten minutes of your scheduled time is for business other than hands-on work. To get the most out of your session, be ready to relax!

  • A credit card will be taken at the time of scheduling to reserve your appointment. Cancellations will be accepted 48 hours in advance of scheduled appointment time with no fee. One half of the service fee will be charged for cancellations between 48 and  24-hour notice, and the full service fee will be charged for no-shows and cancellations with less than 24-hours notice. The credit card will not be charged prior to a cancellation stated above. You may pay in cash or by credit or debit card at your appointment.

  • An additional travel fee will be added to list prices for locations within Athens, Ross, Fairfield, and Franklin counties.  Price and availability to be determined upon request.

  •  A photo of the client’s ID may also be requested at the time of scheduling for the therapist’s safety.

  • Massage sessions are not of a sexual nature and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. If the therapist deems that inappropriate behavior is being exhibited, the session will be immediately terminated with payment due in full.

Pressure Points

About Me

My name is Brooke Worster and I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Ohio. I received my B.A.  in Criminology from The Ohio State University. After an 18+ year career in Emergency Services Dispatching, I decided to embark on a career that would help others in a different way.  After handling stress filled situations on a daily basis, it became imperative for me to receive regular massages so that I was able to be my best self. Embarking on a career in massage therapy seemed to be a natural fit. I received my Massage Therapy Certificate from Hocking College, where I made the Dean's List every semester, and graduated with honors. I have received extensive instruction in modalities such as Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Clinical Therapy Techniques, just to name a few! 

My husband and I moved to the Hocking Hills region in 2016 for its beauty and serenity. I take great pleasure in sharing the majesty of the area with visitors and helping them recover from their outdoor adventures.  My passion is to help you feel your best and to improve your overall quality of life. Get in touch to learn about my full range of services.



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